IP-3 Pro Wedge

IP-3 Pro Wedge

Designed from the ground up for better players. Three holes drilled on the toe provide feel and balance for this extraordinarily versatile wedge. The perfectly flat face is precision CNC milled which imparts ideal spin and checking power on the green.

Special heel grind allows opening of the club face for touch shots. The three wedges can be used individually or as a set. Weve created them with the ideal bounce for each loft.

Available RH loft and bounce 5108, 5614, 6005
Hosel Bore Size .370

  • Exclusive ground-back sole allows maximum versatility from a variety of conditions
  • Precision milled flat face for maximum spin
  • Soft 304 stainless steel for feel and control
  • US and International Patent Pending
IP-3 Pro Wedge: GW SW LW
Loft: 51 56 60
Lie: 64 64 64
Clubhead Weight: 294 298 302
Hosel Offset: 0 0 0
Sole Bounce: 8 14 5
Club length: 35.50 35.50 35.25